We have dedicated over a decade to providing rides, roads, events, and resources to the motorcycle community via our Rider Activity Guide Website at mc-rag.com and it is a lifestyle but our commitment to our own health and wellness has developed into an amazing opportunity to offer help and information to others and who better than our extended family on the Open Road!!

Ride Safe, Strong, and Smart!  That has long been a phrase we have used to wish our brothers and sisters a safe ride.  Perhaps we are all getting a little older but more and more our friends, family, Brothers and Sisters are burdened with health issues which often get away from them.

Is it because so many of us rely on a healthcare system to support us and fix us when we are broken?   Well, that unfortunately our Healthcare System is broken!  And we are here to suggest that prevention is the best care you can give yourself and your family.

– With all of that in mind, lately our best advice is to be your own health advocate.  Learn how to be healthy and don’t rely on a trip to the pharmacy or an office visit to heal you.

We all needed to learn to ride, or live on the road and that required change.  If we aren’t feeling well, then we are doing something wrong.  So be prepared to change!

Enjoy your life, your family and friends while you can and laugh, be happy.  Fight for your health, be empowered, be strong!

Be Empowered with your health and Wellness choices and join us on this journey.

We wish you all the best of health, happiness and strength.

Be Healthy, Happy, and Strong!!

Jen (Lady Irish) & Joe (Stormin)