Are there essential oils for Pets and Animals?

eo and petsWhen considering Essential oils for family members we can’t leave out our four legged family.

We have a monthly class we teach educating users how to apply and what oils can be used for our pets, for everything from anxiety to focus and confidence during training.

A question we are often asked is are there essential oils for fleas and pests?

Why yes there are.  But much like anything that you would introduce to your furry family member, above all don’t over-do-it or introduce too fast.    Various species of animals have different metabolic systems from humans and body weight/mass would also play a big part in what oil you would introduce and how.

It is always recommended that you consult with your pet Veterinarian before using essential oils for specific support.  NOTE: Cats and Rabbits for instance will have a toxic response to essential oils like Melaleuca (tea tree) and Citrus oils.   Do you homework and please don’t learn from Pinterest!  There are a number of Veterinarians and Essential Oil Practitioners who specialize on the support of pets and animals with essential oils as a first option protocol to health.

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