Staying healthy is about cleaning hands often and surfaces. Seems logical right!? Sounds familiar from growing up! I’m pretty sure I preached the same to my kids when they were younger as well. 

It makes perfect sense! Wash away the germs before we put our fingers in our mouth or rub our faces or our eyes!! I have to admit, now that I am aware, I never realized How Much I Touched My Face!! CRAZY, Right!?

Let’s face it, reducing toxic load is one step easier on our body to fight what ailes us!

My thoughts… if we eliminate toxins, our bodies can focus on fighting disease.  This is why I have replaced candles and plug-ins with diffusers, and commercial deodorants and lotions with natural homemade alternatives, and over the counter options with CPTG essential oils…


For those of you who love OnGuard… You will love OnGuard Concentrated Cleaner!! 

I use this everywhere!! 
– Stainless (watch video below)
– Granite
– Countertops
– Microwave/inside fridge
– Wood floors
– tile floors
– windows
– furniture
– pets water bowls
– coffee pot
– vinyl
– leather (the citrus oils are amazing at conditioning leather and there isn’t any alcohol to dry it out!)

… Boyz be like🤯

Watch this quick video on how clean my stove gets with a paper towel and OnGuard Cleaner…

ALL NATURAL! NON-toxic. ONGUARD Concentrated Cleaner

It’s time for a new one. 😉

ADD it to your year-end shopping cart!  (This one has lasted me 8 months!)