Eucalyptus -Eucalyptus Radiata 

Eucalyptus was widely used in World War 1 to control infections and influenza.

Found in many of the doTERRA blends like Protective Blend, Skin Clearing Blend, Respiratory Blend and their Repellent Blend, this plant is steam distilled from the leaves and the essential oil provides properties that assist and support on many levels. It is found to be antiviral, antibacterial, expectorant, analgesic, insecticidal, hypotensive, disinfectant, and a catalyst.

Some of the top uses for this wonderful oil are as follows:

Ear aches – dilute and apply topically to outer ear and bone behind the ear or chest.

Congestion, cough, bronchitis and pneumonia – Dilute and apply topically to chest or use in a diffuser.

 Asthma and Sinusitis – Put in palms of hands and inhale aromatically or applied alluded to the chest and feet.

Fever – Applied topically with peppermint down the spine to help lower fevers.

Shingles, malaria, cold and flu – Diffuse aromatically or apply topically to bottoms of feet or along the spine.

Muscle fatigue and pain – Dilute and gently massage topically over area to ease overused muscles.

Mental sluggishness – Use aromatically with rosemary and poems and inhaled deeply to improve blood flow to the brain. (We also like to diffuse in our house when we find our brains focusing on many tasks.)

Cleaning disinfectant – Add 10-15 drops to a spray bottle for a quick drying disinfectant cleaner.

Dust mites – Apply  10-15 drops to a spray bottle to use as a dust mite deterrent.

Emotional balance – use aromatically and topically to get from congested to stimulated.

Be Healthy, Happy, and Strong!  

 Jen & Joe


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* reference Total Wellness publishing. The Essential Life, a simple guide to living the wellness lifestyle. 2nd edition published 2015