Healthy Habits Challenge

Healthy Habits are truly something we all know about but rarely make routine.

Whether traveling or enjoying your favorite past time (like riding your motorcycle), there are small things we can do to create Healthier Habits which ultimately will make us Healthy, Happy, and Strong.

But there are several things that can create an imbalance in our health. And we do them on a daily basis, they include…

  • Dehydration- not enough water! Drinking coffee, alcohol, juices, soda, vitamin waters or other commercial flavored waters aren’t replenishing enough (look at labels for sugars)
  • Irregular/non-healthy diet (fast food and restaurants are terrible for balanced nutrition) even too many salads can mess with your gut and most salad dressings are loaded with sugars.
  • Exposure. Sun brings life! And many are vitamin D deficient, especially following a long winter. However, too much of a good thing…is too much. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, protect it from too much sun and wind and extreme elements …
  • Over-the-counter and prescription symptom relievers… we all know someone who takes “something” for aches and pains, or blood sugar, or allergies, headaches, etc. All symptoms of imbalanced health, and commercially treated to mask the symptom not fix the cause. (another topic for impaired driving/riding…)
  • Physical restrictions. Sitting on the couch, recliner, office chair, or in a plane, car, train, or on a bike for too long. Our bodies were made and meant to move!
  • Solitude, self-doubt, procrastination, fear, anger, sadness, guilt (mental health): Anything and everything or anybody that keeps us from growing, learning, developing, laughing, etc. Things do happen and it is important to process and even mourn, but don’t build a house around it and live there… Fight hard to get back to your mental happy place! Sometimes people are toxic, seek out a healthy community, and support of a network that lifts your spirits, feeds your soul, and gives you purpose.

Daily Habits Challenge

Need some ideas of habits that will help you build a healthy lifestyle?

I’m always saying “we don’t know what we don’t know”, well knowing something doesn’t make it a habit.

We need to be mindful and practice new habits to make them a part of our routine. After all we weren’t always fat, or sore, or sad, or achey, or unhappy. That shit happened over time (we practiced).

We can do this!

Here is some help, Regional Healthy Habits Tours are happening now …

Reference my WA#2923883 so you will continue to get direct support from me personally.

Be Healthy, Happy, and Strong!