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Traditionally, jasmine oil has been used in places like China to help the body detox and relieve respiratory and liver disorders. It’s also used to decrease pain associated with pregnancy and childbirth and so much more!
The health benefits of jasmine essential oil can be attributed to its properties to; reduce feelings of self-doubt, germ destroying, purifying, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, cicatrizant, expectorant, galactagogue, emmenagogue, parturient, sedative, and a uterine substance.

What Is Jasmine Essential Oil?

Jasmine essential oil is extracted from the flowers of jasmine, and it has various scientific name including Jasminum grandiflorum (Royal jasmine) and Jasminum officinale (Common jasmine).

The oil is extracted mainly from the latter variety.
Its main components are benzoic acid, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, indole, benzyl benzoate, cis-3-hexenyl benzoate, cis-jasmone, ceosol, eugenol, farnesol, geraniol, linalool, methyl anthranilate, p-cresol, nerol, gamma terpineol, nerolidol, isophytol, and phytol.
Jasmine is a very famous flower. It has a strong yet sweet, pleasing, and romantic fragrance, which is very common in flowers that bloom only at night.

The jasmine flower is often associated with romance and love. Heroes in romantic novels and movies can often be found addressing their heroines by the name “Jasmine”.

For ages, jasmine has been inspiring poets as well. This flower blooms only at night and fills the surroundings with its unmistakable and alluring fragrance.

Benefits of Jasmine

  1. Emotionally supportive at reducing Self-doubt
  2. Increase Arousal
  3. Improve Immunity & Fights Infection
  4. Germ-destroying & purifying topical application
  5. Helps With Falling Asleep
  6. Decrease Symptoms of Menopause
  7. Prevent or minimize PMS Symptoms
  8. Help With Post-Pregnancy Symptoms
  9. Reduce Respiratory Infections
  10. Boost Concentration
  11. Promote Healthy Skin & Fight Blemishes
  12. Create A Calming or Invigorating Massage Oil
  13. Serves As A Mood-Lifting Perfume

How can you use jasmine oil?

    • It can either be inhaled through the nose or applied directly to the skin.
    • It doesn’t need to be combined with a carrier oil and instead is recommended to be used undiluted for the best results.
  • You can also diffuse it in your home or combine it with other lotions, moisturizing coconut oil or essential oils for many different household and body uses — like homemade massage oil, body scrubs, soaps and candles, for example.

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