Why choose a Wellness Program?

The Wellness Program is a simple, almost effortless way for you to targeted support for the wellness track you are on.

Are you looking for Better Sleep? There is a Wellness Program just for that! Are you looking to support Immunity, Respiratory, Mind & Mood, or is someone focused on Pain relief. Well with these specific health goals in mind you can get the exact products you need for what you want to achieve.

As a Wholesale club member, you can benefit greatly and not have to worry about changing your order or learning about a new product. doTERRA has removed the hassle of figuring out which essential oils and products to use. You also get members-only access to our training and regular consultations and support.

There’s no need to repeat the same pattern of scrambling to put together the perfect oil regimen yourself when you can just sign up for a Wellness Program!

How It Works

Automatically get a new kit every month while you’re in the program.

Choose your program.

Pick from Immunity, Mind & Mood, Relief, Sleep, or Respiratory.

Use your products.

Each month, you receive a new kit of specialized products for your program.

Own your health.

Start seeing real results as you integrate essential oils into your daily routine.

Repeat or pick a new program, start the same program again, or pick a different one for a new set of powerful benefits.

Wellness Program Respiratory

Breathe in. Breathe out. Learn More

Wellness Program Sleep

Rest, recharge, and refresh. Learn More

Wellness Program Immunity

Protect, strengthen, and respond. Learn More

Wellness Program Relief

Comfort, support, and soothe. Learn More

Wellness Program Mind & Mood

Balance, restore, and adapt. Learn More

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Jennie Knourek

Herbalist, Phyto/Aromatherapist & Wellness Advocate. Trained Massage Therapist


Owner/Admin of OpenRoadEssentials.com and Crunchy Biker Clubhouse and Healthy Happy Strong Tribe on Facebook

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