How to BOGO for doTERRA oils!

How to make the most of the BOGO offers from doTERRA

doTERRA BOGO (Buy One, Get One) deals usually run three times a year in February, July, and November.

BOGOs are the perfect time to:

🌿 Replenish your oil stash

🌿 Add new oils to your collection for FREE

🌿 💥Help your family and friends get the oils they’ve been wanting (order together to save on shipping!)

➡️Here’s what you need to know about BOGOs:

⚡️The BOGO will be different every day & doesn’t carry over to the following day. You can order daily, but they typically sell out by noon, so don’t wait!

⚡️There will be a limit of 5 BOGOs allowed per account per day so connect with your friends and family and see if they would like to order with you!  Order every day and share in the shipping!

⚡️Some days the US warehouse offers a different BOGO than the Canadian warehouse. (Canadian members can order from both!)

⚡️Shipping is approx $3.99 (PRO TIP: invite friends to order and split shipping costs and remember to order from your membership LRP cart to get your shipping back in credit!)

⚡️Order the BOGO through your LRP cart (the Loyalty Rewards Program) & you’ll get your shipping FREE! If your daily order is higher than 50PV you’ll also earn at least 10% back in free product points. (HINT– this is the smartest way to order!)

➡️How to Order BOGOS:

====>JOIN THE WHOLESALE CLUB with your $35 membership 

If you aren’t already a member you can still BOGO at retail… But Why? The deals alone will cover the investment of the $35 to become a wholesale member. And after BOGOs are done there is no obligation to continue monthly, to sell oils to your friends and family, or any minimum orders. But you will still have your wholesale account active, so just incase you do want to reorder, or take advantage of another Special, you are already a member…


====> Log in to using your id # and password.
Simply add that day’s BOGO oil to your cart ( remember you can order up to 5 per special).

====> The free oil AND your 25% discount will be automatically applied!

It’s gonna be a blast!

I’ll be sending out daily Text Reminders to all of our Wholesale Customers!!

These are the best deals from doTERRA for it’s members and customers.

Not a member yet? Remeber, join today for only $35 for the whole year and you will be ready to get started on these amazing deals at wholesale pricing!!!

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So excited! 🤩🌿😍