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Open Road Essentials isn’t a Travel site, but if you’re passionate about riding and traveling like we are then you’re familiar with how it can be challenging to stay healthy. We are passionate about sharing how we have learned to stay healthy while exposed to different environments, public restrooms, questionable food preparation not the least of which involves personal hygiene of the cooks and staff and water & food supplies.

whether your destination is hours away, you opt to fly & ride or just get away for a holiday or the weekend, consider what you are exposed to while traveling…

The stale air of an airplane, public exposure to germs and viruses at the airport, truckstops, public rest areas and the surfaces that you touch in the restaurants, theaters, public venues, hotels, transportation and more… I can guarantee they are not all disinfected regularly. ( interesting article telling you more)


This isn’t meant to prevent you from traveling. On the contrary – we just want you to be prepared and empowered to support your health, your immune system and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Thank you for joining us we hope you’ll discover lots of great information for your health and wellness needs.

Being healthy is more of a lifestyle than a fad. And as complex as our beautiful world and bodies are, there are many aspects to be considered.

  • Environmental Toxins
  • Nutrition
  • Body Systems
  • Emotions
  • Hormones
  • Seasonal Threats ( Allergies, Cold & Flu, etc.)
  • Digestive
  • Weight Management
  • Sleep and Stress Management
  • Immune Support

Please enjoy our site and as always your comments are appreciated and welcome.

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