Winter, stay healthy

During these colder months we aren’t able to get out in the yard or on the road as much. But that doesn’t change who we are! We are Bikers, we travel and get out of the house as often as we can, but now of course like so many others during this continued and extended pandemic, only as needed (“Freedom over Fear”).

But we are not Rebels without a cause! We are intelligent adults, we respect our family, friends, and others and when appropriate we do wear our masks while in close proximity to others when off of our property. And I always make and have hand sanitizer available when we are away from a water source (and we use it).

Let’s talk about some of the things we can all do to stay healthy during these closed in, dry winter months.

1. Studies suggest that a relative humidity of 40–60% is ideal for containing the virus. I have increased the humidity in the house by adding humidifiers adjusting the furnace attachment setting and I will be moving a self-contained garden fountain indoors on a tray by my plants (you could also run a humidifier).

2. I have also added more house plants (which will keep me busy and out of the fridge), and have added pebbled humidity trays.

3. We keep our immune system strong with regular daily vitamins and supporting essential oils.

Life Long Vitality supplements

4. We keep our surfaces clean, wash our hands often and I have hand sanitizer available in the pockets of our coats, our cars, purses, and back-packs with OnGuard oil to help kill germs and keep us healthy.

5. And of course, I diffuse essential oils in every room at least once a day! Here are some diffuser blends for cleaning the air

6. And as I mentioned we do wear our masks. But for our extended use (like when we are traveling or on the airplane I like to place One-drop of Breathe or OnGuard on a felt dot inside the mask to help support our breathing and overall health.

You can learn more about all of the different ways to use the essential oils in your collection by attending any or all of our online workshops!

What do you do to mitigate risk?

Some risks, such as your age, you can’t change. But there are things you can do to minimize your risk of catching and getting very sick with the virus or any other contagious germ:

  • Maintain a healthy weight and stay as physically fit as you can. Staying physically healthy, eating nutritiously, reduce sugar intake, etc.
  • Limit the number of people you come into contact with, gatherings of large groups with strangers isn’t encouraged right now anyway… but you could make extra steps to avoid those situations
  • Sit/stand side-by-side or behind other people, rather than facing them and avoid loud talking or singing with others
  • Meet people outdoors, rather than indoors
  • Keep interactions brief
  • Wear a face covering on public transport, in shops or crowded indoor places
  • Increase ventilation indoors if you have visitors – open a window, diffuse essential oils, turn on circulation or ceiling fans
  • Increase humidity in the air through humidifiers, water diffusers, whole house humidifier.

And remember 3 things: Hands, Space, Face.

If you would like to learn more about using essential oils in your home instead of toxic chemical air fresheners (which can contribute to headaches and other issues), please search this site for other information on essential oils or contact me directly and I would be happy to help you.

Jennie Knourek

Herbalist, Phyto/Aromatherapist & Wellness Advocate. Trained Massage Therapist


Owner/Admin of and Crunchy Biker Clubhouse and Healthy Happy Strong Tribe on Facebook

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