National Stress Awareness Day

Really?   Isn’t everyday these days a day where we need to all take a beat and manage our stress?

There are so many factors that contribute to stress we can only briefly give spotlight to a few here.

  • The Poor Health of you or your loved one
  • School or Work Obligations
  • Family and Social Obligations
  • Financial Obligations

I have personally found balance and support from my own personal anxiety which national-stress-awareness-dayprevented me from coping in many social situations.    Incorporating better and healthier habits, Essential Oils protocols, viable supplements and personal development, I am feeling my old self again.

“If Life is a Journey well traveled, we need to be Road Warriors” – Open Road Essentials

But we are very interested in your feedback?    A quick little poll… How do you handle stress?

Thank you for your interation.. Please share with others.

Be Healthy, Happy, and Strong!

Jen & Joe